Learning in Action with TOP Companies

The ESADE MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to translate concepts into actions. We leverage our rich innovation ecosystem to give you exposure to the real-life business world.

Working with ESADE partners, you will have the chance to deploy your learning and find innovative solutions to real business challenges. Projects give you the chance to experiment in a real-world context, build team-working skills, bring your ideas to life and build a business network.

Get ready to get hands-on.

Internship Innovation Project (I2P)

I2P is one of the most important programme projects that connects you with companies.

Build real-world skills, tackle real business issues, enhance your team-working capabilities. You will partner for five months with Master’s student teams from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC) to work on some of the challenges facing real companies. UPC students come from technology, science and engineering backgrounds, so you will be expected to manage a diverse range of talent and expertise as you devise solutions and their implementation. Challenges range from smaller-scale issues to the problems facing multinationals.

Expect to be stretched to the max. UPC, like ESADE, prioritises open innovation. So you will be expected to unlock creativity and embrace a host of different approaches as you work together.

Some companies participating: