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New ESADE professor Victor Lapuente: “Public management is becoming more and more important in career development”

Lapuente has joined ESADE as a visiting professor, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to students in the new Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics and Legal Order and in the double degree (the new programme plus the Bachelor in Law)

Victor Lapuente has joined ESADE as a visiting professor and will be teaching classes on public policy and globalisation in ESADE Law School’s new undergraduate programmes. A recognised scholar in the field of political science, Lapuente will share his extensive experience and knowledge with students who intend to pursue a career in international politics and economics. 

“Aspects related to public management – globally, nationally and, very importantly, locally – are becoming more and more important to students interested in developing a career in business or in the non-profit world,” commented Lapuente. “I hope to contribute to ESADE’s ambitious educational project by sharing my comparative vision of public policies in times of globalisation.” 

Specifically, Lapuente will teach the Public Policies subject in the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics and Legal Order and the Globalisation: Politics and Economics subject to students combining the aforementioned programme with ESADE’s Bachelor in Law. In parallel to his teaching duties, Lapuente will continue conducting research and taking part in social debate activities. 

Victor Lapuente is also a professor in the Department of Political Science and a research fellow at the Quality of Government Institute at the University of Gothenburg, where he specialises in comparative public administration and corruption. He earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Oxford and the Juan March Institute. 

Lapuente’s research focuses on analysing why some political regimes produce administrations with higher quality of government and lower levels of corruption than others and why some countries undertake public-administration reforms. His other research interests include the impact of separation of powers on economic policymaking and financial markets. 

“Through my research in the field of comparative public administration – both theoretically and, above all, empirically, by helping to build databases on how public organisations work in Europe – I hope to contribute to the high-quality research projects on governance being carried out at ESADE.”

Commitment to providing training in political science and international economics

The hiring of Victor Lapuente strengthens the ESADE faculty’s political science expertise as the school launches its new Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics and Legal Order as well as a double degree than combines the aforementioned programme with the Bachelor in Law. These additions expand ESADE Law School’s educational portfolio by combining the undergraduate programme in law taught by ESADE for more than 25 years with training in new disciplines – such as geopolitics, global governance and cybersecurity – that are essential to understanding today’s world. 

“Extensive research experience in analysing the quality of government activity, particularly the relationship between quality and different political systems, is something that all future professionals in political science or international relations should have in their toolkit,” commented Pedro Aznar, Director of the Double Degree in Law and Global Governance, Economics and Legal Order.

The new undergraduate programme expands ESADE Law School’s horizons by welcoming not only jurists but also people who want to work as economists or experts in international politics. The programme targets participants with a global professional profile who wish to pursue a career in international organisations