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ESADE and the Government of Andorra will collaborate to provide entrepreneurial training in high schools

The agreement aims to create a systemic tool for assessing how and to what extent high-school students develop entrepreneurial skills, which will then be applied in the Andorran school system. This innovative initiative will foster continuous improvements in the education of young people in an increasingly relevant field.

ESADE and the Andorran Ministry of Education have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at promoting entrepreneurial skills as a part of high-school education in Andorra. 

This agreement is a part of the Andorran government’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of its education system by fostering skills – such as entrepreneurship – that go beyond the usual school curriculum and have been shown by numerous studies to be increasingly important to young people’s future. As a leading institution in the field of entrepreneurship, ESADE is therefore a natural ally. The project will be led by a specialised team of faculty and researchers from the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI). ESADE was recently ranked the #1 business school in Europe and #6 worldwide for entrepreneurial training by the prestigious magazine Bloomberg Businessweek. 

The project will involve a significant research component. The first steps will be to adapt entrepreneurship-related definitions to the educational context of high school and to develop a tool for accurately evaluating the system. The next step will be to apply this tool in Andorran schools in order to determine the suitability of the current system and identify possible areas for improvement. 

The project will be carried out collaboratively by the Andorran Ministry of Education and ESADE, with the participation of key stakeholders in the education system – in particular the schools and the various professionals who work there.

Building a better and more united society 

Koldo Echebarria, Director General of ESADE, commented favourably on the collaboration agreement with the Andorran Ministry of Education: “It is more important than ever for young people to develop the entrepreneurial skills that they will need to face various challenges over the course of their lives and in their communities.” He noted that the entrepreneurial spirit, in addition to fostering the creation of new businesses, is essential to the construction of a better and more united society. “We are very impressed with the efforts of the Andorran government, which strives to keep developing the country’s already excellent educational model in order to offer the best possible education to new generations,” he commented. “Here at ESADE, we are proud to have been entrusted with the responsibility of developing this joint project to improve the teaching process in the area of entrepreneurship.” 

The Andorran Minister of Education, Eric Jover, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, which he described as an excellent opportunity to improve Andorra’s school system and the education received by Andorran students. “In today’s rapidly changing world, schools must provide students not only with academic skills but also with tools that will enable them to become active participants in the construction of their own future.”