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Diana Ferrer, ESADE Law School lecturer, receives Jaume Vicens Vives award for teaching quality

Jaume Vicens Vives award created in 1996 to reward excellence in university teaching

ESADE Law School lecturer and expert in financial and tax law, Diana Ferrer, has been awarded one of the Jaume Vicens Vives 2018 awards by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the quality of her teaching and her pragmatic renewal of the subject material for ​​tax law. The award ceremony was organised by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in the modernist building of the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona.

Diana Ferrer has been lecturing in law and finance at ESADE Law School since 2004. She has a degree in law and a masters in tax consultancy and management (2002) from ESADE. Her pre-doctoral research is focused on transfer pricing and secondary adjustments. Her thesis was published as a monograph in 2015 by the prestigious legal publishing house Aranzadi Thomson Reuters and was awarded the Extraordinary Prize for Fundamentals of Law and Business Law (2016).

She has held various academic management posts at ESADE (including academic advisor to the exchange programme, and deputy director of the Law Degree and Bachelor in Global Governance courses) and is currently director of postgraduate studies in tax law at ESADE. 

Best lecturer award

Diana Ferrer teaches undergraduate studies at the business school (Degree in Law, Degree in Law & Bachelor's in Global Governance, Degree in Business Administration and Management, and Double Degree in Law & Business Administration), as well as postgraduate degrees (Expert in International Taxation). She also supervises dissertations for various courses (including the Master’s Degree in Advocacy).

Her enthusiasm and teaching ability earned her the prize for the best ESADE-URL teacher (Teaching Excellence Award) in 2016-17. This prize was based on student evaluations with the final decision made by a specialist committee of teaching staff, programme directors, and teaching specialists from the Center for Educational Innovation at ESADE-URL.

The Jaume Vicens Vives award for university teaching quality was created in 1996. Candidates are proposed by the social councils of Catalan public universities – or the equivalent bodies in private universities. Proposals are processed by the secretariat of the Catalonia Interuniversity Council (CIC). Four group awards and three individual awards (each worth €20,000) were made.