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Carlo Gallucci, ESADE professor and vice-rector of URL, awarded honorary doctorate by the Catholic University of Cordoba (Argentina)

Carlo Gallucci is awarded an honorary doctorate for his long-standing and impartial commitment to the Catholic University of Cordoba in Argentina, as well as for his lifetime achievements

On 27 June, Dr Carlo Maria Gallucci Calabrese, Vice Rector of International Relations and Students at Ramon Llull University (URL) and professor of marketing at ESADE-URL, received an honorary degree from the Catholic University of Cordoba in Argentina.

The award was a recognition of his career as a director committed to the institutions of the Society of Jesus and his academic contribution to their management, as well as a recognition of his lifetime achievements and dedication to his professional and academic responsibilities.

The title was given to him for his impartial and constant collaboration with the Catholic University of Cordoba through his support for numerous academic initiatives that have contributed to the enrichment of the university’s work.

The ceremony was held in the Centre for Higher Studies, headquarters of the Catholic University of Cordoba. During the ceremony, Dr Gallucci reflected on ‘marketing, social responsibility and poverty’ and presented his vision of the social function of marketing, the leading role of those who manage marketing, and the role of academics when considering ‘a more human and responsible marketing’.