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Axis Corporate joins ESADE's Assembly of Trustees and pledges to support the Scholarship Programme

Under the new agreement, Axis Corporate and ESADE commit to supporting the education of talented young people

Axis Corporate – a management, technology and financial consulting firm – has reached an agreement with the ESADE Foundation under which the company will collaborate with the school’s Scholarship Programme.

Axis Corporate’s contribution will strengthen the ESADE Foundation’s Scholarship Programme, the goal of which is to create new opportunities for the future of talented students who would not otherwise be able to afford an ESADE education.

Eugenia Bieto, Director General of ESADE, and Casimiro Gracia, Partner and Chairman of Axis Corporate, signed the collaboration agreement. Mr. Gracia commented on the importance of collaborating with a prestigious institution like ESADE: “Collaboration with ESADE allows us to influence the education of innovative, socially responsible leaders with a view to recruiting future talent for our company. The creation of knowledge that is relevant to improving organisations and society is also very important to us.”

Ms. Bieto highlighted the importance of collaboration agreements, like this one, aimed at fostering talent: “The commitment to education as a means of promoting equal opportunities for talented young people is fundamental. The Scholarship Program is made possible, in large part, by the interest and generosity of institutions like Axis Corporate.”

This is the first collaboration agreement between Axis Corporate and ESADE to promote talent and equal opportunity. The agreement is aligned with Axis Corporate’s corporate social responsibility and patronage activities.

Collaboration agreements like this one have allowed ESADE to award scholarships year after year, with the aim of eliminating economic barriers for talented students.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, ESADE allocated €2.3 million to the Scholarship Programme and awarded a total of 218 scholarships to students in its undergraduate, MUA, MBA and MSc programmes.