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Recognising talent and guaranteeing the diversity of opportunities. Undertaking research in key strategic areas that create value for businesses and society, while meeting the real needs of organisations. Constructing new spaces, content and formats for education today and tomorrow.

We wish to maintain our leading role in training the most talented youngsters and in the generation and transfer of knowledge for society. We are counting on your support to continue our progress on these fronts.

Scholarship Programme: a commitment to talent, diversity and equality of opportunity

The Scholarship Programme is ESADE's flagship tool through which talented students without sufficient funds to study in our classrooms are offered opportunities for the future. We promote this strategic project through The ESADE Challenge for Talent campaign.

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Research: impact on teaching, the business world and society

The research undertaken at ESADE improves the quality of our training and has a direct impact on the progress of society. Results are used to meet the needs of various sectors, focusing on fields such as artificial intelligence, corporate ethics and sustainability in the supply chain.

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Student First: reinventing the educational experience

With Student First, educational activity follows a dual-track system in which faculty and students co-create experiences and share responsibilities in the learning process, reproducing the complexity of professional environments. The key lies in the quality of reflection on the suitability of possible solutions. In the classroom, the teacher acts as a facilitator, and through the generation of experiences, the student plays a central role in his or her learning process.

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We are aware of the importance of having spaces and installations that are ready to confront the challenges of a world in constant change. Innovation is transforming our entire environment: the way in which we interrelate, learn, teach and work. A key element of our new pedagogical model is a strong commitment to the renovation of our installations and to technical development. 

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Endowment: ensuring the future of ESADE

With the aim of guaranteeing its strategic projects in the medium and long term, ESADE invests in an endowment fund. This fund only uses the annual income generated by the principle, which is allocated to critical projects. 

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