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The relationship we have with our donors is underpinned by immense gratitude. We will never tire of thanking them, because each and every contribution lends valuable support to our mission.

Thank you to...

  • +600

    Students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of ESADE support the Scholarship Programme

  • +100

    Companies, foundations and organisations support our strategic projects

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Individual donors

Hundreds of students, alumni and friends of ESADE contribute to our social impact through various projects.

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We work closely with leading companies and foundations to create synergies that meet organisations' present and future needs.

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Our commitment

Guaranteeing the proper use of funds
We are committed to managing donations with diligence and professionalism and allocating funds in accordance with donors’ wishes. ESADE ensures that funds are distributed correctly through the committees.


Transparency, recognition and gratitude
We are committed to providing you with transparent updates on the progress of the projects and the future challenges that you have contributed to. We are also committed to recognising the value of your contributions and upholding your rights as a donor.