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The experience of collaborating with ESADE

Here are the first-hand accounts of some of the people who have collaborated with ESADE to promote the social impact of our business school in various fields.

Caterina Domènech, scholarship student in the 2nd year of the BBA and President of ESTalent

"Active collaboration, starting when you are a student, is essential for the proper functioning of the Scholarship Programme"

Being a scholarship student is both an honour and a responsibility. Having an institution like ESADE invest in you and in your future is an indescribable feeling that inspires you to always give the best of yourself in every situation. But on the other hand, it’s a responsibility because it’s a major investment and you want to show that all these resources are being put to good use. And in my case, this sense of responsibility is even greater because Banc Sabadell Foundation is behind the scholarship, having contributed the resources that are allowing me to study at this university. 


“One of the Puig Foundation’s aims is to support educational institutions in Barcelona that foster talent and entrepreneurial education. This scholarship lets us support young people who do not have the wherewithal to pay for their training. It helps us combine talent, entrepreneurship and access to the best business education."

Xavier Puig

Fundación Puig President of the Puig Foundation's Board of Trustees

"For Colonial, it is important to have access to the most talented youngsters, some of whom lack the resources to pay for their training."


Pere Viñolas

Colonial CEO

“At EY, we believe it is vital for society to foster entrepreneurship. This stems from a conviction that an entrepreneurial society is one that is capable of meeting the world’s environmental and social challenges. That is why we work with the Institute of Social Innovation."

Javier Garilleti

Fundación EY Director General

“The collaboration between SEAT and ESADE is a great chance to strengthen our commitment to training, innovation and talent management. We are helping prepare youngsters who will become tomorrow’s managers.”

Luca de Meo

SEAT President

“Our participation in the Scholarship Programme has strengthened our relationship with ESADE, making it easier to approach its students. These make up the talent pool from which our future directors will be drawn.”


Añel Hernández

Unibail-Rodamco España Director of Human Resources

“Be generous. Never forget others or ESADE. You have a great opportunity to give society and ESADE a little back. Make this your goal — you will be a better person for it." 

Maite Barrera

Lic&MBA 98

Future Scholarship Programme donor

I urge you all to donate and give more. The recipients of these scholarships will be the ones calling the shots in tomorrow’s world and they will take decisions that affect us all.  It is about giving people with talent and unbridled enthusiasm the chance to study at ESADE."


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Daniel Aymerich

Lic&MBA - 97

1000x1000 Donor

“I want to give others the joy of being able to study at ESADE — all thanks to a scholarship. That’s why I will become a donor in the future."


Alba Suru

BBA - 2016

Scholarship recipient and co-leader of the BBA Year of 2016 initiative

"We must succeed in enabling all those talented individuals who want to study at ESADE to do so, regardless of their economic situation."

Aura Mases

Bachelor in Law

Scholarship student

“Diversity is a Coca-Cola hallmark and a key value in our business. We consider education and training as vital for giving young people in general and women in particular the chance to better themselves. Education helps them believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. That is why companies like ours must collaborate in projects and programmes that foster equality of opportunities and enable those with talent to succeed”.

Sol Daurella

Coca Cola European Partners President