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Sustainability and climate change

The Institute conducts both academic research and studies and analyses that help companies identify the key factors for success in order to transform themselves into more environmentally sustainable organisations. It also produces studies and monographs on how different industries, such as the food and automobile industries, are transforming themselves to become positive factors in the era of climate action.


Hacia una automoción baja en carbono: Desafíos y oportunidades para la inversión sostenible


La transición hacia una economía baja en carbono. Una mirada sobre el sector financiero y el sector alimentario


Innovating in search of sustainability. Citizens, companies and entrepreneurs



The transition to a low-carbon economy, ESADE- Fundación Caja de Ingenieros

The ESADE Institute for Social Innovation and Fundación Caja de Ingenieros further explore the key challenges companies face in the sustainability area, launching this research project dedicated to finding solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change in different business areas.


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Sustainable Business Models (SUSTBUS) Project

The aim of the SUSTBUS Project is to create an online platform integrating three European business schools: NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and ESADE. This will enable scholars to access key content and materials to define sustainable business models.


The focus is on the major challenge that sustainability represents, an increasingly relevant topic for society today. Recent research has demonstrated that sustainability occupies an important place in executive agendas due to stakeholder expectations and changes in social and environmental regulations. This project thus aims to address the implications that sustainable business models have. ESADE, in particular, is interested in the social innovation paradigm perspective. It is clear that there are opportunities associated to greater levels of sustainability and the possibility of offering products and services more in line with a sustainable way of life. In this respect, the research carried out aims to provide teaching material to respond to this need.


Researchers: David Murillo and Mireia Yter


In collaboration between Fundació ESADE, Norges Handelshoyskole and Copenhagen Business School with support from the European Commission, project currently underway

EUInnovate. Innovating in search of sustainability: citizens, companies and entrepreneurs

According to recent forecasts, by 2030 our planet will lack the resources necessary for a global economy comprising 2 billion consumers. Poverty, food insecurity, climate change, the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and environmental degradation are just some of the key global challenges the world faces today. How companies and entrepreneurs innovate to address these challenges while creating a more sustainable Europe was the fundamental question of the European EU Innovate research project and the key motivation to publish this new ESADE study.


Innovating in search of Sustainability: Citizens, Companies and Entrepreneurs presents eight sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship case studies in Southern Europe, representing different management structures and scales: multinationals, SMEs, startups and co-ops. The different organisations’ sustainability-related innovations range from new products (e.g., sustainable modular homes and food products that don’t produce waste) to hybrid distribution chains that foment social inclusion and combat unemployment amongst youth as well as public-private initiatives, community innovation models and citizen co-ops to produce and distribute alternative energy sources.


Publication: Innovating in search of sustainability: citizens, companies and entrepreneurs


Researchers: Daniel Arenas, Sonia Ruiz, Jennifer Goodman and Solange Hai




A project in which 14 institutions participated: The Technische Universtität München, Aalto University, Aarhus University, The Academy of Business in Society, Alta Scuola Impresa e Società de la Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Cranfield School of Management, The Copenhagen Business School, Eindhoven University of Technology, ESADE Business School, Forum for the future, Kozminski University, The University of Amsterdam Business School, Politecnico di Milano and Ingolstadt School of Management. With support from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme, 2013-2016 academic years