The ESADE Institute for Social Innovation believes in network-based work, collaboration and the co-creation of knowledge with other national and international organisations. To this end, the IIS actively participates in numerous work groups and knowledge-based networks.

ESADE Alumni Social

Alumni Social is an ESADE Alumni project with which the IIS collaborates both academically and strategically. The general aim of Alumni Social is to raise awareness amongst alumni association members about different social problems and encourage the incorporation of CSR principles within their firms. Its primary purpose is to join efforts and provide useful outlets for alumni who want to actively participate in the third sector, volunteering to work on management projects with NGOs.

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Social Innovation eXchange (SIX)

SIX is the world’s leading social innovation network. Its vision is for everyone to become more innovative, enabling them to connect to their peers and share and exchange solutions and methodologies on a global scale.

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The Academy of Business in Society

EABIS is a global network comprising more than 130 companies and academic institutions whose experience, commitment and resources serve to invest in a more sustainable future for companies in society.

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Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN)

The Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN) strives to move forward in the social enterprise knowledge and practice field, sponsoring joint research, shared learning, student-based education and strengthening executive education institutions’ ability to serve their respective communities.

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European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

EVPA is an association of organisations interested in carrying out philanthropic work and social investments throughout Europe.

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