Juice Research Group

The Research Group on Judgements and Decisions in the Marketplace (JUICE)

is a consolidated research group advancing in the fields of marketing, behavioral economics and decision making.

Understanding the decisions of participants in the marketplace

JUICE aims to understand consumers, costumers and companies decisions and assisting them in the Marketplace, analyze the interaction between those parties and technology that lead (or not) to transactions and study the methodologies related to data science and artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of these decisions and interactions. JUICE is a consolidated Research Group recognized by the Catalan Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR)

The main research lines of the group are:

  • Consumer behavior and judgements
  • Pricing decisions in the marketplace
  • Decisions and brand management
  • Decisions, preferences modelling and recommendations
  • Artificial Intelligence methodologies for decision-making

Current Research Projects

Vulnerable Consumers: Economic and Behavioural Lab and Field Data, Theory and Empirical Results

Main researcher: Bart de Langhe


We live in an increasingly globalised and digital world in which technological firms have radically changed the way we communicate, shop and travel. However, for new technologies to develop their full potential and truly improve social wellbeing, understanding how consumers process information and make decisions in this new setting is crucial. To explore this issue, this study proposes four lines of research:


· Financial decision-making
· Responses to digital change
· Brand responses to social change
· The vulnerability of experiential consumption

Mathematical Structures for Linguistic Assessment in Decision-making Processes: Advanced Tourism Management Solutions in Smart Cities

Main researcher: Núria Agell


Imprecise linguistic assessments are considered an appropriate means to understand the doubts and uncertainties found in human reasoning when expressing preferences. To process this type of information and facilitate its analysis and interpretation, the coordinated INVITE project proposes studying new metric spaces, data merging and analytical techniques. The aim is to capture the differences between incompatible assessments and preferences by means of new structures and metrics to assess linguistic elements. This will allow us to improve classification models, structure and rank data and create consensus to help to facilitate decision-making in both small groups and in the broader realm of social interactions. Second, INVITE will focus on developing and implementing decision-making and innovation processes to manage entertainment and cultural activities within the ecosystem of so-called smart cities, both from the perspective of local public administrations as well as companies offering tourism-related services.

Projects financed by:

JUICE Coordinator

Núria Agell

Professor, Director at the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences in ESADE


PhD candidates

We welcome candidates from various disciplines (Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and other disciplines related to management) who are highly motivated, enthusiastic about the creation of new knowledge, and interested in pursuing an international career in research.

  • Julia E. Von Schuckmann

    Research Interests:
    Moral considerations in consumer behaviour.

    Marco Bertini, PhD

  • Pooja Mohanty

    Research interests:
    Understanding the innovator group of FMCG: a fuzzy approach.

    Núria Agell and Mònica Casabayó.

  • Yuqian Qiu

    Research interests:
    Co-creation and ethics: the two pillars of the multi-stakeholder approach to brand management.

    Oriol Iglesias and Stefan Markovic

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