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Public Management Club

About the Club

The mission of the Public Management Club of ESADE ALUMNI is to enhance the management role in the public management field, contribute to the professional and personal development of its members and create a forum for sharing experiences, reflections, concerns and projects.


  • Barcelona


    Joan Colom i Farran, head of the Sub-Directorate General of Drug Dependence.


    Mª Jesús Mier, Generalitat de Catalunya.


    Germán Bastida, Consultant, GISCE Consultory, ÍTEM. Consultoría y Servicios.


    Tomás Juste, Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Works, Generalitat de Catalunya.

    Academic Sponsor

    Albert Serra, Generalitat de Catalunya.

    Board members

    Alexandre Álvarez, (EMPA 08)

    Carles Cacho, (EMPA 09)

    Susana Gaja, (EMPA 05)

    Joat Henrich, (IE 00, EMPA 05, VV 10)

    M. José Martí, (EMPA 08)

    Leandre Mayola, (EMPA 05)

    Josep Ramon Morera, (EMPA 06)

    Joan Playà, (EMPA 05)

    Alicia Romero, (EMPA 06)

    Anna Tarrach, (EMPA 08)

    Tamyko Ysa, Vicedean of Research ESADE (EMPA 04)

  • Madrid


    Joan Colom i Farran, head of the Sub-Directorate General of Drug Dependence.


    Oscar Cortés, Advisor to the Minister for Innovation and Digital Transformation. MINISTRY OF JUSTICE.

    Board members

    Antonio Díaz, Director General of Planning and Development of the Municipal Decentralization. CITY OF MADRID.

    Enric Gispert, Director of Business Development. THINKETERS.

    Carlos González, Chief Budget Management Service investee. CITY OF MADRID.

    Alfonso Luengo, Managing Director. State Foundation for Employment Training.

    Miguel Angel Martín, Senior Adviser of the Directorate General of Internal Planning. MANAGEMENT OF THE CITY OF MADRID.

    Diego Molero, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister.

The aims of the Public Management Club are to:

To create a professional forum in which ESADE alumni can take part, especially those who have graduated from the School’s public management programs.

To foster the development and dissemination of the management function in the public sector.

To promote, develop and defend the professional and ethical codes in the exercise of the management function in the public sector and to create an efficient employment market for public managers.

To foster activities proposed to enhance the workings of the public sector and public bodies.

To carry out shared projects with trade unions and business sectors.

To undertake any other initiatives approved by the Management Board, ESADE Alumni or public bodies, providing such initiatives are consistent with the nature of the Club.

To foster the development of relations with other professional bodies involved in the public management field around the world.

To foster Club members career development.

To create forums and activities fostering social contacts among Club members.

To foster relations between members of ESADE Alumni and the public sector.

To support and make proposals to ESADE in developing initiatives for public sector management training.


Public Management Club ESADE Alumni

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