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eWorks Accelerator

eWorks Accelerator

The eWorks Accelerator is a selective program that aims to identify and support high-growth ideas, and enhance the efficient development of entrepreneurial projects. 

The program runs once a year, leveraging the summer break to push for growth and culminates with a Demo Day with investors. The program is selective, meaning that only the teams that fulfill all the requirements and demonstrate commitment and ealy validation will be admitted. In order to apply, teams must have at least one member that is an ESADE student or recent graduate (up to 3 years) from any program (BBA, MSc, FT MBA, EMBA, PhD, Law School, etc.). 

About the Program


The eWorks Accelerator is an intensive program, aimed at supporting early-stage startups and validated projects in the first steps of the development as a new venture. It is compatible with interships, remote teams and the participation in other programs, as it's an entirely free program offered by the ESADE Entrepreneurship Insititute. It's based on merit, achievements and commitment and provides the foundation stones for new high-growth ventures. It is compatible with for-profit, not-for-profit and social ventures. The program provides expert dedicated mentorship to teams that have enough traction and periodic follow-ups to all participants. Ad-hoc introductions are also provided to teams that show fast progress. 


Teams and individuals with validated* ideas/projects, with at least one team member who's a student or recent graduate of ESADE (any program applies). Ideal team composition should include somebody able to develop the tecnology or an expert in the field of application, as well as somebody with a more sales orientation.

*Validation depends on the type of project and industry: for B2C services at least 30-50 customer interactions are required, for B2B 2-4 LOIs are strongly recommended, for Healthcare/Pharma at least one expert vouching for the feasibility of the solution proposed, etc.


The program runs from the first week of June to the last of September, when a final Demo Day with investors is organized. Preliminary calls and meetings might be arranged depending on the number of requests


Applications will open on May 9th, 2020