Business Network Dynamics


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Why disclosing green practices can be a profitable business practice

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Hiring a Chief CSR Officer improves firm performance

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Why sustainable operations are good for business

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What makes companies bridge health and safety laws?

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Understanding how to design and manage dynamic business networks is a key competence

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Business Network Dynamics Seminars

April 3, 2019

To grow or not to grow: clashes between economic growth, cultural embeddedness and social enterprising in a short food supply network

By Leonardo Marques, Assistant Professor COPPEAD Graduate School of Business


December 11, 2018

Is it bad to be bad: The tension between worker safety and organization survival

By Mark Pagell, Professor at University College Dublin


October 30, 2018

The roles of institutional complexity and hybridity in social impact supply chain management: Insights from a migrant integration case

By Mellie Pullman, Professor at Portland State University (USA)


May 20, 2018

Deviations from aspirational target levels and environmental and safety performance: Implications for operations managers acting irresponsibly

By Frank Wiengarten, Associate Professor, ESADE