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Impact on teaching

Research at ESADE has a direct impact on teaching. Business and law students benefit from innovative research results that lecturers bring to the classroom by transferring their knowledge into new teaching methodologies and courses.

Impact on companies

ESADE research results go one step beyond the classroom and academic production. ESADE research groups work with the private sector to learn about their business needs, share data results, and offer strategic guidance to address pressing topics.

Impact on society

Research results can have a great impact on society. ESADE researchers make lasting contributions to society and maximise the social impact of academic research.

Impact on EU Policy and public debate

ESADE is involved in strategic discussions on research and innovation policy making at a European level. Researchers at ESADE are also taking part in research projects for improving decision-making policies and encouraging public debate.

Grants & Contracts

ESADE researchers are involved in competitive projects and grants with international partners around the globe.


INSPIRE is a three-year project to professionalise open innovation processes in European small and medium-sized enterprises.
Duration: April 2016 – March 2019
Total project funding: 1,692,742€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: Wim Vanhaverbeke
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The EnReMilk project aims to achieve significant water and energy savings in dairy operations.

Duration: January 2014 – December 2017
Total project funding: 5,160,482€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: Cristina Gimenez

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REPLICATE integrates technological solutions that enhance the quality of life of Europeans.
Duration: February 2016 – January 2021
Total project funding: 24,965,263€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: Francesc Pardo Bosch
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The mySMARTLife project studies the smart transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart life and economy.
Duration: December 2016 – November 2021
Total project funding: 18,656,102€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: Francesc Pardo Bosch


The project aims to intensify research and innovation cooperation between Europe and the Middle East.
Duration: January 2015 – December 2017
Total project funding: 999,750€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: Angel Saz
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Sustainable business models contribute to higher education by developing abilities and teaching content on sustainability in economic decision making.
Duration: December 2016 – December 2018
Total project funding: 182,929€
Principal Researcher at ESADE: David Murillo

A Lab on Labs

This project provides insights into complex societal challenges and encourages scalable and sustainable positive change.
Duration: February 2017 – September 2017
Principal Reseacher at ESADE: Kyriaki Papageorgiou

Completed Projects

  • SSL-erate
    SSL-erate accelerates the use of high-quality solid-state lighting technology in Europe.
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    ALICE RAP was the first major European study on addictions and their impact on wealth, health, and stealth.
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    LIPSE – Learning from innovation in public sector environments identified the facilitators and barriers to social innovation in the European public sector.
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    Comparative police studies in the European Union was a four-year project focused on the processes of change in police forces across Europe.

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  • OLAF
    ESADE undertook the study as part of the Hercule II Programme of the European Office for Anti-Fraud – ‘Avoiding Fraud in Cohesion Policy 2014 – 2020’.
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  • MEKBiz

    MEKBiz gave business students practical EU knowledge to improve their employability. It also produced new materials to help EU businesses develop strategies for a globalised world.

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  • Open Cities

    The aim was to explore open innovation methodologies in the public sector, particularly in smart cities.

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  • Commons 4EU

    Cities face a scenario characterised by the need to reinvent themselves to become ‘smart cities’. Commons4EU aimed to build on this experience.

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  • Apps for Europe

    Apps for Europe created a thematic network for open data competitions and maximised the socio-economic impact and benefits of open data.

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  • ECIM

    European cloud marketplace for intelligent mobility is a flexible, cloud-based solution for public and private sector actors who seek innovative yet cost effective web services for the mobility needs of their cities.

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    COLLAGE exploited synergies between the social web phenomenon, emerging web analytics, collaboration, and gaming technologies to enable and energise social creativity in learning.

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  • CitySDK

    CitySDK created a toolkit for the development of digital services in cities. The project worked in the areas of participation, mobility, and tourism – and included eight cities across Europe as partners.

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  • EUInnovate
    EU-Innovate focused on potential contributions to sustainability-driven open innovation processes – within and outside corporate value chains.
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  • Gala
    Gala was a network of excellence on serious games that connected the most outstanding European groups and researchers for five years.
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  • WISE

    Funded under the lifelong learning programme, this educational project developed a training and development programme for female entrepreneurs launching social enterprises.

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    SUNSHINE delivered an open toolkit supporting interoperable standards, smart services energy assessment of buildings (‘ecomaps’), and energy pre-certification heating/cooling forecast and alerts.

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  • The European Business Growth Catalyst

    The European business growth catalyst developed a blended learning programme for managers and owners of small to medium sized European businesses to grow their businesses.

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