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I Touch Data: Bringing DataViz to the Physical world

March 2, 2019, 09:30
March 2, 2019, 13:30
Fusion Point and FabLab Sant Cugat, Campus ESADE · Av. Torreblanca 57
Sant Cugat
ESADE Institute for Data-Driven Decisions, FabLab, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Domestic Data Streamers, Outliers Collective
Gabriela Martin

Data Exploration and Visualization are great. But what if you could actually touch the data? What can 3D printing and / or virtual reality bring to the digital way of exploring data? Does it mean a more immersive and inclusive data experience? In this workshop, you will be able to jump from digital to physical, printing in 3D your dataviz or navigating in VR data environments.
Brought to you by ESADE Institute for Data-Driven Decisions, FabLab Sant Cugat, Domestic Data Streamers, Outliers Collective and Barcelona Supercomputing Center,  join us for a unique event around guest lectures, Data Viz, 3D printing & VR workshop and networking.

Manu Carricano, ESADE Institute for Data-Driven Decisions
Mat Laverne, FabLab Sant Cugat
Pol Trias, Domestic Data Streamers
Fernando Cucchietti, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Guillermo Marín, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Oscar Marín, Outliers Collective


9.30 am - Keynote speakers
10.30 am - Explanation of group dynamics
10.45 am - Design of questions
11.30 am - Visualization of answers
12.15 pm - Manufacturing - Prototyping

General fee: 5€ 
Important: limited places up to 40. 

*This event will be held in English.