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Social Action

ESADE Social Action: a shared project

The ESADE Social Action Programme was created in 2010 as a means of channelling ESADE’s various social initiatives. The objective of this programme is to get our community involved in various opportunities for collaboration (volunteering, training, consulting, participating in campaigns, etc.) with the entities selected every two years by our entire community.

Solidarity initiatives

We also collaborate with entities that have a pre-existing relationship with ESADE as well as new entities brought to our attention by people or groups at our school.

The criteria for selecting initiatives are as follows:

  • 1

    They are aligned with ESADE’s mission, identity, history and values.

  • 2

    They have some sort of prior connection to ESADE.

  • 3

    People or groups at ESADE have proposed and/or offered to lead the initiative or possible collaboration.

  • 4

    The collaboration proposal has a positive awareness-raising effect and can feasibly be implemented with the available capacities.