SR-E team

This small team is responsible for promoting, coordinating and publicising the various projects envisaged in the SR-ESADE Master Plan, and for reporting these activities to various stakeholders.

The team members are:

AliaRS-E network

What is the AliaRS-E network?

AliaRS-E is an informal network voluntarily formed by ESADE faculty and staff members who wish to support and promote the SR-E initiative and make the institution more sustainable.


Who can join AliaRS-E?

The network is open to any member of the ESADE community – faculty or staff – who is interested in joining and taking part. The purpose of the network is to lead and promote a significant change in ESADE’s sensibilities and behaviours through the adoption of more socially responsible and sustainable habits and initiatives.


How can I join AliaRS-E?

Send an email to that includes your name, contact information and the reasons why you wish to join.