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University Development Service (SUD)

The University Development Service (SUD) has been promoting university cooperation for development in the university community since 2003. “University cooperation for development” refers to the various efforts undertaken by a country’s university community (students, faculty, and administrative and service staff) to improve living conditions in developing countries.

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University cooperation

ESADE offers an annual training programme for UCA Nicaragua, UCA El Salvador and Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala. This travelling programme takes place at a different venue each year, with participants representing each of the three institutions. The programme includes teacher training sessions and research colloquia (featuring faculty from Central American Jesuit universities) as well as training seminars for Central American professionals and executives.

Alumni Giving Back

Alumni Giving Back is an initiative of ESADE Alumni that aims to raise awareness among alumni and the rest of the ESADE community about various social problems in today’s world through various initiatives, including Pro Bono Alumni Consultants and the Film Forum.


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Institute for Social Innovation

The mission of ESADE’s Institute for Social Innovation is to develop the capacities of people and organisations in both the business and non-profit sectors, and, through its activities, to help build a fair and sustainable world.

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“Learning and Doing” programme

"Entrepreneurship Class: Learning and Doing" is a training and mentoring programme organised by the Prevent Foundation and ESADE. The aim of the programme is to help entrepreneurs with disabilities start a business or accelerate a recently created company. The programme is free of charge as it forms part of the foundation’s support activities for people with disabilities.

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