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Social responsibility

Social responsibility at ESADE

Social responsibility is one of the main dimensions of ESADE. We are committed to training people who are aware of their responsibilities as citizens and as professionals and capable of contributing significantly through their careers to meeting society’s needs.

SR-E Master Plan

The aim of the SR-E Master Plan is to gradually transform ESADE into a socially responsible and sustainable academic institution in every area of its activity.

In our 55 years of experience, ESADE has embraced certain signs of identity that have inspired the institution’s everyday work and enabled us to make a significant and innovative contribution to society.

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2014-2018 SR-ESADE objectives

  • 1

    Collaborate on various institutional policies and lines of action, promoting the SR-ESADE model and approach.

  • 2

    Collaborate with the community in order to promote the adoption of more socially and environmentally responsible behaviours and habits.

  • 3

    Collaborate and coordinate initiatives and projects with key stakeholders and national and international institutions in this area.

  • 4

    Promote the communication, transparency and accountability of ESADE as a socially responsible institution through its main projects and initiatives.

  • 5

    Develop the institutional social action programme and coordinate solidarity and cooperation initiatives with the involvement of the ESADE community.

ESADE’s commitment to United Nations projects

ESADE is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), a global network of universities and business schools that is committed to integrating social responsibility, ethics and sustainability into education. It has also joined the United Nations Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (Rio+20).