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Recruit an intern

Recruit an intern

What do you need to know when recruiting an intern?

Internships are key to our students’ development. They offer unique opportunities to experience sectors, functions and regions and identify possible career paths. Internships also offer many benefits for participating companies.

How can ESADE students help you?

During undergraduate & MBA internships, talented students can learn by engaging in useful activities.

Real past examples include:

  • Corporate strategy & consulting

    Identifying new business opportunities and designing road-maps and go-to-market strategies.

    Defining market-entry strategies in other countries or regions.

    Developing a business plan for a start-up.

  • Finance

    Proposing new pricing strategies by regional markets, sales volume or client segments.

    Creating financial models for tracking, monitoring and forecasting core working capital.

    Analysing company financials to project dynamic financial performance, financial position and cash flow over a 5-year period.

  • Operations

    Standardizing operational processes to reduce costs.

    Analysing the supply chain and identify potential new suppliers in different regions.

    Developing customer satisfaction program strategies across international affiliates.

  • Marketing

    Developing marketing plans to increase ROI from sustainability and digitalization initiatives of a FMCG brand.

    Conceptualizing repositioning and brand-marketing strategies for a fast-growing product.

    Designing digital-marketing initiatives for the launch of a new product.

  • Sales & business development

    Developing a Partner Management Program to improve partner-retention levels and increase margin.

    Establishing a product portfolio by analysing industry trends and demand.

    Analysing sales structure at a national level and making a customer-segmentation proposal.

How to proceed

1. In Spain, students of all nationalities can freely do an internship under the official internship agreement, which also offers some fiscal benefits for the company and the student.

2. Outside of Spain, students are able to do internships in their countries of residence and/or nationality. Depending on each country’s legislation and international agreements, further visas might be required.

3. Internships are in most cases remunerated. The agreed monthly payment is negotiated between the student and the company. We recommend a remuneration similar to an employee on the same level of responsibility.

4. The exact internship period may vary among different students and depends on their academic obligations and their selected courses.

5. Upon request, and completely free of charge, ESADE can provide internship agreements (in Spain and abroad) between your company, the selected student and ESADE.

6. The estimated administration time upon reception of all the documentation is 7 working days.

For more information: internshipagreement@esade.edu