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Political context

The political context in Catalonia, where ESADE carries out a significant part of its activity, has raised questions about how ESADE perceives that reality and to what extent the current scenario may affect all of those who make up our educational community. This space serves to provide information and answer some of these questions.


What is the current political situation in Catalonia?

After the regional elections in December 2017 and the formation of a new government, the situation is entirely normal
from an institutional standpoint.

What is ESADE’s stand regarding the current political context?

ESADE is a plural academic institution and does not have any specific political affiliation. Peace, dialogue, inclusion and respect for the rule of law are the fundamental values that ESADE advocates to address political and social problems. ESADE has underscored its absolute respect for the Constitution and the existing legal framework and defends the stability and legal certainty which enable the economy and companies to function optimally. We promote respectful dialogue based on reflection within the legal framework. This is the means to find a compromise solution to differences and political tension.

Click on the link to read the ESADE Director’s address at the start of the academic year and the communiqué from the Director General’s office on the current political situation.

What is day-to-day life like on ESADE’s campuses?

Academic activity at Barcelona’s universities and educational institutions continues as normal. The same is true on our Barcelona and Madrid campuses. There is no reason to be concerned about the safety of any ESADE participant, employee, faculty member or researcher.

What has life been like in Barcelona over the last few months?

For the time being, we have not detected any impact whatsoever. Barcelona is still a highly attractive city due to its innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, its quality of life, its infrastructures and its cultural, sporting, gastronomic and entertainment offering. It is also still extremely attractive for its educational institutions, research centres and technological innovation and business hubs. Today’s political conflict is not new and has, to date, never led to violence or a climate of insecurity; nor is this foreseeable in the future.

Is Barcelona an attractive city for students?

Barcelona still attracts thousands of talented students from around the world, and we do not foresee that this will change due to conflicts and temporary episodes typical of any complex and vibrant community. Below you can see the results of the “ESADE MBA City Monitor” which classifies the world’s most attractive cities for global talent. Barcelona has always been included within the top 10 cities that attract the most international students. ESADE MBA City Monitor 2017 edition2015 edition2013 edition.

What guarantees are in place to ensure that ESADE degrees will continue to be recognised?

In keeping with current legislation, ESADE programmes are officially recognised by both the Spanish Government and the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. ESADE degrees thus have all the legally attributable academic and professional rights as established by law. Students need not fear any negative consequences in this respect.

In addition, ESADE degrees are recognised around the world, and this ensures their value both in the academic and in the professional realms. The Spanish legal framework and the European Higher Education Area will, at all times, guarantee the validity of our programmes and degrees.

The quality of ESADE’s offering of academic programmes, its educational experience, the international AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations, as well as its consolidated reputation as recognised by international rankings, ensure the validity of our degrees in any context and despite any changes in the current scenario.

Is ESADE planning on changing its headquarters just as other companies have already done?

We don’t believe this is necessary. ESADE is a multi-campus institution with facilities in Barcelona and Madrid. Its vast global network also enables it to maintain a presence around the world with all types of programmes and activities. The expertise and talent of our students and our faculty members’ activities cannot be reduced to a single location; rather, the entire world is our headquarters. 

How will all this affect ESADE students’ employability?

More than 90% of the participants in ESADE programmes who graduated during the 2016-2017 academic year found work within three months at the latest after completing their programmes. This figure exceeds the already high percentage achieved in previous years. In addition, ESADE programme participants’ employability is global, with more than 80% of graduates in some programmes finding jobs outside of Spain. In the last few academic years, the 5 global companies that have recruited the most at ESADE are McKinsey, BCG, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Over the last few months, the key job fairs for the different ESADE programmes have already taken place, and nearly 80 companies attended to recruit talent on our campuses, a number that exceeds the figures we registered in previous years. These figures allow us to be very optimistic about the employability and effective job placement of our students over the next few years.

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