Our Lab

The ESADE Decision Lab located at the Rambla of Innovation, on the Sant Cugat Campus, is under the administration of ESADE Dean’s Office for Faculty and Research.

One of our goals is promoting innovation and providing the facilities and resources for conducting cutting-edge research. Our modern facilities allow our investigators to conduct research in a wide variety of fields such as marketing, behavioral economics, finance, consumer and organizational behavior, public policies and social action, among others.

Facilities and resources

Observation Room

It is a multi-functional room with a Living-room feel, equipped with an tactile screen to experience the touch and feel of quasi-real situations. This room is also enabled for video and audio recording, and it has its own computer and telephone. 

Individual Cubicles

The lab has two small cubicles for individual experiments, enabled for video and audio recordings. Optionally, the cubicles can be equipped with Surface Pro 4 tablets.

Large Room

This room has 21 working stations, and can be divided into two smaller sections of 13 and 8 stations. Each section is equipped with a projector to deliver instructions. Each station has a Desktop computer with a 24-inch video-conferencing monitor. 

Interaction Room

Also a multi-functional room with a conference table, it is ideal for group experiments. Enabled for video and audio recordings and equipped with a telephone and a whiteboard. 

Control Room

The computers and equipment of this room allows full control of the computers, cameras and projectors in all the lab’s rooms. It also permits communicating via audio and telephone to the other rooms.

Who can use the Lab?

The use of the Decision Lab is contingent upon fulfilling all our policies and regulations, including obtaining approval to use the Lab from ESADE Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research (CUHSR).

Faculty with an ESADE labor contract (Faculty Core) have full access to the Lab (rooms, equipment and software) at no cost.

External users (any person without an ESADE labor contract) are also welcome to request the use of the ESADE Decision Lab to conduct their research. We offer the possibility of space rental (rooms & equipment).

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Ethical Research

ESADE is committed to promoting and upholding the highest quality academic and ethical standards in all its activities. ESADE seeks to protect the dignity, rights and welfare of all those involved in research (whether they are participants, third parties or staff). Therefore, all studies taking place in the Decision Lab must be approved by ESADE’s Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research (CUHSR), which is the  is responsible entity for upholding research governance and ethics policies and procedures.

For more detailed information on CUHSR procedures, and to download application forms and templates, visit Ethical Research.