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International Outlook

At ESADE Law School, we prepare our jurists to respond to the needs of a globalised world: transnational business transactions, conflicts of an international scope and cases involving parties of different nationalities. To have a successful career in this world, you must have knowledge of international law and the legal systems of other countries. 

The keys to a global education

Specialised programmes

ESADE Law School’s educational offering includes programmes geared toward international law.


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Guest speakers and visiting professors

Experts from the world’s best universities offer different legal perspectives first-hand.


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Participation in Moot Courts

These competitions allow students to demonstrate their skills against teams and juries from all over the world.


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Alliances across the globe

ESADE Law School forms part of international alliances that include more than 50 prestigious law schools from all over the world.



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Member of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies

ESADE Law School is the only Spanish university that is a member of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS), led by Georgetown University.


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International exchange programmes

Have an international experience at one of the 47 prestigious law schools we have alliances with, or do an internship in any corner of the world.


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Impact of globalisation on our students

Thanks to the international outlook of ESADE Law School’s programmes, our students immediately stand out because of their academic and professional profiles. 

  • Open-minded professionals

    Our students know other ways of learning and applying the law, and this enables them to ably manage any situation with an international scope.

  • Expert knowledge of other legal systems

    Thanks to the experience of studying abroad, our students gain in-depth knowledge of the on-the-ground legal reality in their host country.

  • Internships abroad

    The international internships offered by ESADE Law School arise from the application of various legal systems to real-life cases.

Travel is always a learning experience

Travelling abroad is one of the most effective and enriching ways to get an international legal perspective. At ESADE Law School, we make sure our students have a first-class international experience, either by studying at one of the 47 prestigious law schools that we have alliances with or by completing an internship at a law firm, company or other organisation in any corner of the globe. These experiences have a direct impact on the careers of our students and participants.

We collaborate with 47 internationally renowned law schools




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