What will the higher education of the future be like?


Sixty years ago, a group of Jesuits and business leaders – anticipating the profound economic and social changes that would eventually transform Spain and eager to provide companies and society with high-quality leadership – joined forces to create ESADE. Over the course of this academic year, we will be commemorating our founders’ initiative.

We believe that the best way to celebrate this anniversary is not to talk about the past but to reflect on what lies ahead. Following the example set by our founders, we will take the pulse of the unprecedented changes being driven by globalisation and the technological revolution. And we will do this by encouraging open, public reflection on the future of higher education and the challenges it poses for educational institutions like ESADE.

This process will be organised around four interrelated thematic blocks, culminating at the end of the year in a public presentation of our main conclusions. Our task will be to answer the following questions:

Professional profile

“What professional profiles should we offer to the companies and societies of the future?”



“How does technological change impact higher education?”



“How can we train people to have a critical spirit and the necessary values?”



“What educational innovations are required to address new needs and ways of learning?”


Learn more about ESADE’s 60-year history

Over the past 60 years, the vision of the future put forth by ESADE’s founders has materialised in a higher education institution that enjoys widespread international recognition in the fields of management and law. Every year, ESADE’s Barcelona and Madrid campuses welcome nearly 9,000 participants from more than 100 countries.

Over the past six decades, ESADE has produced more than 66,000 alumni, who are now pursuing careers at companies and organisations all over the world.

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