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Political and Public Affairs Club

Political and Public Affairs Club

Who we are:

In our increasingly connected world, political changes ripple across borders and industries in the blink of an eye. More now than ever, businesses seek politically knowledgeable candidates with a firm grasp of policy issues in both developed and emerging markets.

The mission of the political and public affairs club is twofold. First, to help ESADE students to better understand the impact of politics and policy on business. Second, to assist students in procuring positions in government, public affairs, international organizations, international development, and political risk consulting.


President: Andrew Parkes
VP Internal Speakers: Brent Bitzan
VP External Speakers: Angeliki Malizou
VP External Events: Nick Woelfel
VP Newsletter: Nathaniel McGhee
VP Newsletter: Melissa Incera

What do we do:

> Invite speakers from institutions or companies which are relevant for the understanding on how politics translate into effects in the business world.

> Build relations with International Organizations, Government institutions and public affairs firms to get a broader view on the different businesses around the politics worldwide.

> Organize a series of lectures and debates on issues of key interest to students. We focus on developing the debate abilities through debate workshops.

> Collaborate with other ESADE business clubs on topics of mutual interest like the relevance of governments in key public companies in Latin America (Latam Club).

> Organize a trek to Brussels to visit the European Institutions, public affairs firms, and the offices of major MNCs in Brussels, giving members an insider’s view on both the policy-making process and the day-to-day workings of public affairs

Why should you join us:

Do you want to better understand the political forces and events shaping business today? Do you want to see policy-making up-close? Do you want to learn how businesses affect and are affected by government policy? Then join the Political and Public Affairs Club, where politics and business meet.