Finance Club


President: Ricardo Escobedo
VP of Careers: George Wellmer & Brent Bitzan
VP of Education: Aarushi Garg
VP of Communications: Shehryar Azhar
VP of SIF: Javier Vargas Cabral

What do we do:

The MBA Finance Club is a platform that brings talented students with a keen interest in the field of finance together. The club organizes events such as alumni talks, peer-to-peer learning sessions, technical trainings, study treks and career development sessions for its members. By leveraging the ESADE Community, the Finance Club provides its members an opportunity to dig deeper into the world of investment banking, private equity, wealth management, fintech, etc. 

Why should you join us:

We provide an opportunity for students to connect theory with the real world. Constant interactions with alumni, companies, and even their own peers provide a perfect bridge between class-room learning and real-world activity.

“Our mission is to provide value to the members of the MBA Finance Club through networking opportunities and enhanced knowledge of the whole financial industry, to equip members with the skill set necessary to succeed and to strengthen the ESADE brand.”