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Energy and Environment

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Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment Club

Who we are:

President: Alberto Rodriguez
VP of Careers (Europe & Americas): Angeliki Malizou
VP of Careers (Asia & Middle East): Vedaant Saxena
VP of Partnerships & Treasurer: Carlos Murrieta
VP of Events & Education: Jonatan Peralta
VP of Knowledge & Media: Denis Pinchuk
VP of Social: Esi Bilgin

What do we do:

The energy and environment club is designed to be the center for connecting MBA students to the energy and environment industry. Our mission is to provide our members with meaningful insights and the skills required to work in the industry. In order to do so, we educate our members and facilitate engagement in all aspects of the energy and environment industry.

Our main goal is to support MBA students in connecting them with the main players within the industry. This year many students are interested in environmental issues so we are emphasizing synergies with clubs like Sea Connection, a social club that connects and supports healthy, vibrant oceans and the Net Impact Club. 

We build strong and lasting relationships with industry leaders in order to provide our members with invaluable experiences and opportunities within the industry.

Why should you join us:

If you are interested in entering the energy industry or if you are passionate about the environment, the ESADE Energy and Environment club is a great place to meet like-minded people. 

Club members will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders through various events organized by the club such as treks and lectures. Members will also have the opportunity to understand and develop innovative solutions for climate challenges of the 21st century by participating in case competitions sponsored by some of the most influential companies in the industry.

Given that we are aiming towards increasing the exposure of our members to the energy and environment sector, we are heavily focused towards organizing expert talks and networking events with the ESADE alumni association. Last year we went to Amsterdam where several companies opened their doors for us and showed us what they do and how they do it. We want to be the platform that smoothens the path for our members to go from being students to professionals in the energy and environment sector.

Companies we work with: