Inici Programes MBA Full Time MBA ESADE MBA Admissions Admission Process

Admission Process

The admissions process from start to finish

1. Submit the application form

The first step in your application process is to complete the Online Application Form. You will be asked to register. You can then save your application form to submit it later.


APPLICATION TIP: you can complete your application form without a final GMAT/GRE/English exam result – simply include the date you plat to sit the test.


Two recommendation letters must be submitted as part of the application process. These can be from professional and/or academic referees, although we recommend that both be from professional sources. Your recommendation letters will be used to evaluate your global mindset and personal motivation.

You will need to introduce your referees' information in your online application form. Once you have completed and saved this section of the form, your referees will receive an automatic request to submit your recommendation letter.


At the end of the form, you will need to upload:

- Your CV
- A recent, passport-sized photograph with white background (e.g., CV/resume picture). Maximum file size: 50 kb. Format: JPEG
- A scan of your identity card (Spanish citizens) or your passport (EU and non-EU nationals)


The application is not complete until you pay the application fee and complete the electronic signature with your name. Once you have done this, your application will be considered as properly submitted and you will be able to upload the remaining documents in order to complete your application.

2. Upload the required documents

After submitting your application, you will need to upload the following documents through the student portal:


A) Bachelor Transcripts: During the application process, scanned copies from your Bachelor Transcripts will be accepted. This document must be issued in the original language. Any documents that are not in Catalan, Spanish or English must be submitted with an official translation into one of these languages.


B) Bachelor Degree: One of the basic prerequisites for applying for the MBA programme is an undergraduate degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree. You must submit a copy of your diploma (if the degree granted is not shown on the transcripts). This document must be issued in the original language. Any documents that are not in Catalan, Spanish or English must be submitted with an official translation into one of these languages.


C) GRE/GMAT Unofficial Scores: upload the unofficial scores into the student portal and ask the GMAT/GRE organization to send your official scores to ESADE, using the following codes:

GMAT: 93M-3K-60
GRE: 5761


D) English Test Scores:

All participants who are not native English speakers or have completed their Bachelor’s Degree in English must have one of the following certificates:


- TOEFL: +100 (ESADE’s code is 0884)

- IELTS: 7.0 Academic test

- Certificate in Advanced English: B+

- Certificate in Proficiency in English: C+

- Academic Pearson: +68


ESADE will accept English Certificates taken within the last two years. ESADE only accepts official TOEFL scores sent directly to ESADE from ETS. Our institution code is 0884. Cambridge and IELTS certificates are also accepted and must be originals or certified true copies.

If you are a native English speaker or you have completed your Bachelor’s Degree in English, you may be exempt from the English requirement. If your bachelor’s degree was taught entirely in English (+120ECTS), please send us a certificate from your university (i.e., diploma supplement) stating the language of instruction.

3. Application Documents Considered

Your file will be considered by our admissions team once all the required documentation is submitted. Please check your application through the student portal on a regular basis to make sure that your file is complete. Your documents will be shown as “received” after being validated by the Admissions Team.

4. Official Interview

After submitting all your documents you may be shortlisted for an interview, which is a mandatory requirement for your admission. All selected applicants are interviewed by an associate director of admissions.

Official interviews for the ESADE MBA programme can be conducted in person either in Barcelona or at one of our international off-campus admissions events. Alternatively, if you cannot attend an admissions event or visit the campus in Barcelona, the interview can be done via Skype

5. Admissions Committee

After the official interview, your application will be considered by the admissions committee, which comprises faculty members and the entire admissions team. The decisions of the admissions committee are final. You will find the final decision from the admissions committee in your Student Portal.

ESADE Full Time MBA Application Deadlines

The MBA Admissions timeline

Below are the MBA application deadlines and the admissions timeline for receiving feedback from the admissions committee.

Applications are considered complete once we have received the online application and all supporting documents. Please note that after completing your online application form, you will need to access the portal again in order to submit the required documentation.

1st Deadline

Application package complete
1 OCT 2019

Feedback given by
19 NOV 2019


2nd Deadline

Application package complete
26 NOV 2019

Feedback given by
21 JAN 2020


3rd Deadline

Application package complete
14 JAN 2020

Feedback given by
25 FEB 2020


4th Deadline

Application package complete
11 FEB 2020

Feedback given by
24 MAR 2020


5th Deadline

Application package complete
10 MAR 2020

Feedback given by
21 APR 2020

6th Deadline

Application package complete
21 APR 2020

Feedback given by
26 MAY 2020

7th Deadline

Application package complete
19 MAY 2020

Feedback given by
16 JUN 2020

8th Deadline*

Application package complete
2 JUN 2020

Feedback given by
30 JUN 2020

*For EU residents only, subject to places remaining on the programme 

Due to the confidential nature of committee decision-making, we regret that feedback on rejected applications is not given.