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A New MBA for a New Generation


Our global business world is in constant flux. Next-generation leaders need flexibility, adaptability and fluidity of thought. Not only to respond to change, but to lead it.

Welcome to a new ESADE MBA for a new generation of leaders. An innovative, disruptive, digitally enriched learning experience that will equip you to become a creative activist – a creactivist – an entrepreneurial leader capable of breaking the mould, moving the parameters, transforming yourself and others.

This is a next-generation learning experience that will accelerate your collaborative leadership, your creativity, your critical thinking and your communication skills.

Developing 4 Critical Competences: The 4Cs

Collaborative Leadership

Lead through cooperation and collaboration. Collaboration underpins global business today, transcending cultural boundaries. 

Critical Thinking

Develop the readiness to question everything in pursuit of innovative and relevant solutions to emerging threats and opportunities.


Hone the entrepreneurial mind-set to redefine challenges, re-write the rules and see opportunities where others see obstacles.

Communication Skills

Learn to align, mobilise, engage and persuade stakeholders, from key decision-makers to team members.