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Double Degrees

Earn a Double Degree at ESADE

Earn your double degree by pursuing a second Masters programme in management at ESADE, or by studying a complementary programme at one of our world-leading partner schools.

Double your qualifications. Expand your possibilities. And distinguish yourself in the job market.

Second-Year Options

External Double Degree: ESADE + Partner University

Complete your ESADE MSc in Management and spend an additional 12 months at one of our world-class partners schools in Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Holland, Italy or Switzerland. You graduate with two degrees from two of the foremost business schools in the world, and full access to the support networks and alumni communities of both.

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Internal Double Degree: Two ESADE MSc Degrees

Combine two complementary ESADE MSc programmes to precision-match your personal and professional objectives.

> The Express Double Degree (18 months)

> Two-Year Option (2 academic years)


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*If the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is your second programme, the time required may be slightly greater due to the I2P project.