The function of the Ombudsman is to field complaints and suggestions from members of the community (students, alumni, faculty and staff) as well as from suppliers and external institutions. The Ombudsman’s work is based on the perceptions of people who say that they have observed individuals, departments or units engaging in behaviour that is out of line with ESADE’s values, orientations or agreements, as reflected in the institution’s Code of Conduct.

The Ombudsman does not make decisions, but he does provide advice, encourage mediation, and try to exercise influence in order to improve ESADE’s environment in terms of ethics, values and responsibility.


ESADE’s Ombudsman is Manuel Alfaro, ex- Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing Management and now retired. His functions include receiving, examining and resolving all complaints regarding breaches of the Code of Conduct. The Ombudsman can be reached at the following email address: