Social action and cooperation


An institution commited to society"

ESADE promotes various initiatives across different fields in order to help improve society:


ESADE’s social action: a shared project

This programme was launched in 2010 in response to the need to channel the institution’s social action initiatives. It aims to encourage members of our community to engage in various opportunities to cooperate (volunteering, training, consulting, participation in campaigns, etc.) with organizations that are chosen every other year by the community as a whole.

For the fourth edition 2017-2018, the chosen organizations were Casal dels Infants, on the Barcelona and Sant Cugat campuses, Fundación Down in Madrid, and Jesuits Refugee Service at the international level.


2017-2018 Social Action Programme

Learn more about the entities we collaborate with:


Socially-oriented initiatives

In parallel with the social action programme, other forms of collaboration are carried out. These last for a limited period of time and are organised either with entities ESADE already has a relationship with or with new entities, at the proposal of an individual or group at ESADE.

The following criteria are used to select the initiatives and projects:

They must be aligned with ESADE’s mission, identity, history and values.

They should have some kind of previous link with ESADE (Jesuits, Institute for Social Innovation, Alumni Giving Back, other groups and stakeholders linked to ESADE).

The initiative or possible collaboration must be proposed or organised by individuals or groups within the ESADE community.

The proposed collaboration must have a positive impact through raising awareness and it must be possible to carry it out with existing capacities.


University Development Service (SUD)

The University Development Service (SUD) is an ESADE service that has been working to promote university cooperation in development since 2003. For us, “university cooperation in development” means a series of activities carried out by the university community (students, faculty and administrative and services staff [PAS]) in a developed country to improve the conditions of life in developing countries. The beneficiaries of this cooperation are development centres with established links (although not exclusively) with the universities in these developed countries.


University cooperation

Within the framework of cooperation activities, which have historically been carried out in Central America, ESADE offers an annual training programme for the UCA in Nicaragua, the UCA in El Salvador and the Universidad Rafael Landívar in Guatemala. Each year, this programme is held at a different university, and welcomes participants from the three institutions. The aim is to train teachers and to organise research colloquiums (with professors from Central American Jesuit universities), as well to hold as training seminars for Central American professionals and managers. Worthy of note too is the relationship and collaboration between these universities and the University Development Service (SUD), which organises internships for ESADE students in several countries across this region.


Alumni Giving Back

Alumni Giving Back is an initiative organised by ESADE Alumni, aimed at making alumni and the ESADE community in general, aware of the different social issues in society today by means of various initiatives including the Pro Bono Consultants and the Film Forum.

The main objective is to provide useful tools to those alumni wishing to play an active role in the third sector, cooperating as volunteers with NGOs in management projects.

Alumni Giving Back tries to create a fairer, more sustainable world, promoting values such as social responsibility, human development, the spirit of service and innovation.