Who are we?

To encourage greater participation and commitment from our faculty and PAS staff, we have created the AliaRS-E network (a play on the word aliarse, to “join”, and RS-E, the acronym for Social Responsibility at ESADE). And, to ensure we keep our surroundings in mind and incorporate feedback from our stakeholders and experts in sustainability and social responsibility, we have created the ESADE Identity and Social Responsibility Council (CIRS-E) and the RS-E Stakeholder Panel.


The SR-E team

A small team of individuals, who promote and coordinate the various projects in the SR-ESADE Master Plan, inform people about them and report to different bodies.

The team is made up of the following people:

Enrique López Viguria
Secretary General
Member of the Management responsible
for SR-E

Janette Martell Sotomayor
Coordinator General
of the SR-ESADE
 Master Plan  
Núria Renart Manent
SR-E Coordinator 
AliaRS-E network

What is the AliaRS-E network?

It is an informal network, made up of ESADE faculty and PAS, who volunteer their time to promote and support SR-E and to improve sustainability within the institution.

Who can join the AliaRS-E network?

Anyone in the ESADE community (faculty and PAS) who is interested and willing to do so can join the network. The objective is to drive forward significant change in awareness and behaviour in order to promote the adoption of increasingly sustainable and socially responsible habits and initiatives.

How to join the AliaRS-E network

Send e-mail to rse@esade.edu with your name and contact details, as well as your reasons for wanting to join the network.


Red AliaRS-E


ESADE has opted to foment and evaluate the ESADE Social Responsibility Master Plan within the Executive Committee which is presided by our Director General. The aim is to improve and ensure the plan’s fit with our institutional strategy. In addition, the Executive Committee counts on collaboration from the ESADE Identity and Social Responsibility Council (CIRS-E). The latter is made up of executives, faculty and PAS staff who carry out analyses and provide feedback to ensure our ongoing improvement in this area.



This panel meets annually and brings together representatives from companies and social enterprises, suppliers, alumni, students, trustees, etc., to inform, debate and ensure accountability regarding ESADE’s Social Responsibility Master Plan.