Who are we?

ESADE’s social responsibility affects everyone in the ESADE community: students, professors, administrative and services staff (PAS), alumni, government bodies, assistants, etc.

SR-ESADE is linked to ESADE’s strategy and, for this reason, the General Management and the Executive Committee must promote and control the development and monitoring of the Master Plan. In order to achieve this, they have a SR-E team.

The AliaRS-E network was created in order to encourage the commitment and participation of the faculty and the PAS. Moreover, in order to ensure people are aware of the stakeholders’ and the experts’ environment and feedback, there is the Advisory Council and the SR-ESADE Forum.


The SR-E team

A small team of individuals, who promote and coordinate the various projects in the SR-ESADE Master Plan, inform people about them and report to different bodies.

The team is made up of the following people:

Enrique López Viguria
Secretary General
Member of the Management responsible
for SR-E

Janette Martell Sotomayor
Coordinator General
of the SR-ESADE
 Master Plan  
Núria Renart Manent
SR-E Coordinator 
AliaRS-E network

What is the AliaRS-E network?

It is an informal network, made up of ESADE faculty and PAS, who volunteer their time to promote and support SR-E and to improve sustainability within the institution.

Who can join the AliaRS-E network?

Anyone in the ESADE community (faculty and PAS) who is interested and willing to do so can join the network. The objective is to drive forward significant change in awareness and behaviour in order to promote the adoption of increasingly sustainable and socially responsible habits and initiatives.

How to join the AliaRS-E network

Send e-mail to rse@esade.edu with your name and contact details, as well as your reasons for wanting to join the network.


Red AliaRS-E
Executive Committee and Advisory Council

ESADE has chosen not to have a specific SR-E committee. Therefore its functions are performed by the Executive Committee itself, presided over by the ESADE’s General Management, to promote and assess the SR-E Master Plan in order to ensure it is in line with the institution’s general strategy. Moreover, the Management is helped by the Advisory Committee, which is made up of managers and professors who used to be part of the task force that launched the SR-ESADE Master Plan, and can provide analysis and feedback on the process aimed at the continuous improvement of the institution.



This is an annual event at which members of the Board of Trustees of Fundació ESADE, entrepreneurs, alumni, experts, suppliers and other stakeholders take part, contributing their experience and knowledge of the environment in order to analyse and follow the progress made in the Master Plan and the process of continuous improvement.