Cooperation and social action


ESADE promotes initiatives which improve society in a variety of ways:

ESADE Social Action Programme: A joint project

ESADE's 2010-2011 Social Action Programme aims to engage individuals and groups within our community in collaboration possibilities with NGOs. The idea behind the initiative is to get people involved in organisations dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly, the unemployed, and children and young people at risk. Over the next two years, this programme will work with Junior AchievementObra Social Sant Joan de Déu and Worldreader.

Institute for Social Innovation (IIS)

The ESADE Institute for Innovation was created with the aim of developing the business community's and not-for-profit organisations' abilities to strengthen their own respective activities. The Institute's primary lines of action focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), NGO management and leadership, and social initiatives. With support from the Fundación ”la Caixa”, it also offers training programmes to develop more effective leaders in third-sector  management:

  • NGO management and administration
  • NGO leadership and social innovation
  • CSR, strategic integration and competitiveness
  • Socially-inclusive business
Institute for Social Innovation

University Service for Development (SUD)

With the participation of ESADE students, professors and support staff, ESADE's University Service for Development carries out projects in developing Latin America countries, including Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Bolivia.

University Service for Development (SUD)

18 projects

38 Management and Law students participated in the SUD throughout this academic year

*Data from the Fundación ESADE Annual Report (2008-2009)

Alumni Giving Back

This innovative project aims to use the experience and management skills of ESADE alumni to benefit volunteer projects.

10 projects throughout this academic year

 74 alumni participants

*Data from the Fundación ESADE Annual Report (2008-2009)

Local volunteer programmes

Students collaborate with groups at risk of social exclusion by organising various activities such as booster classes, computer training or legal advice.
ESADE cooperation
ESADE cooperation