Mission and identity


The mission of ESADE is to educate and undertake research in the fields of Management and Law, for:

  • The comprehensive training of professionally competent and socially responsible people.
  • Knowledge creation relevant to the improvement of organizations and society.
  • Contribution to the social debate regarding the building of free, prosperous and just societies.

ESADE develops its mission inspired by the humanist and Christian traditions, within a framework of intercultural dialogue.


ESADE  intends  to be:
•    One of the leading universities for management and law.
•    A university centre offering a quality educational experience for students and managers from around the world – based on a team of highly qualified lecturers and a unique teaching model.
•    Internationally recognised for its close connection with business, its commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, and ability to develop responsible leaders who are cooperative and committed to building free, prosperous, and fair societies.
•    An organisation with a sustainable econo- mic model that competes successfully in a highly demanding global environment.