ESADE is a private non-profit making body which does not receive any public funding. Its investment capacity in strategic areas (talent, academic quality, research, teaching infrastructure) is dependent on the private donations made by alumni and companies. Therefore, these private donations are essential for the future of ESADE.

In November 2012, ESADE’s Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Fundraising Plan for 2013 2016. At the core of the plan lies the development of close links between ESADE and its principal stakeholders, alumni and companies. Its purpose is to construct a stable funding model that will enable ESADE to invest in talent, research and infrastructures, so that it may continue to improve its academic quality and contribute to a fairer and more prosperous society.



The fact that ESADE’s value proposition has been favourably received by alumni and companies, as well as by the students themselves, gives us reason to be optimistic. We have taken but the first few steps and we are aware of the challenge that faces us. We are all truly motivated when we hear the personal stories of those who take centre stage in this initiative: scholarship students, alumni donors, faculty, researchers and companies that contribute to the development of knowledge, all of them with the belief that the excellent combination of personal and professional skills of ESADE students will enable them to meet the challenges of the future.

We face an enormous challenge. We will continue to foster closer links between alumni, companies and organisations and ESADE. These links are growing stronger, and there is no doubt that they represent one of the most important strategic assets of ESADE.

Corporate Relations & Fundraising
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