The Programme

Our Summer School provides...
Introduction to Law
You’ll familiarise yourself with the legal system and discover the role of law in the real world. You’ll learn to identify its presence in your daily life and acquire basic knowledge of important subjects like intellectual property, criminal law and cybersecurity. In addition, you will participate in a simulation of a real-life case and learn the key language of legal English.
Introduction to International Relations, Politics and Diplomacy
By studying global current affairs, you’ll learn how the international order operates, how it’s designed, and why international organisations are so important in today’s globalised world. To do this, you’ll study key topics in international geopolitics and global governance and participate in a simulated United Nations session.
Business Training
In this block of subjects, you’ll familiarise yourself with the basics of marketing and its contribution to the business world by discussing real-life cases and success stories. You’ll also cover basic economic concepts and analyse the impact of the economy on society and politics as well as the impact of political and social events on the economy. (How does Brexit or Trump’s election as US President affect the global economy?)
Development of skills and competencies
You will develop skills such as leadership, rhetoric, negotiation, public speaking and the ability to communicate with people from different cultures.
Law Firm Workshop & Visit to International Firm (Clifford Chance)
To complement the legal knowledge acquired in class, the programme will include a workshop where you will experience what it’s like to work in a law firm as well as a visit to a prestigious international law firm.
Languages: Debating in English (optional)
If you wish, you can supplement the programme subjects with daily 90-minute English classes (Monday to Thursday) focused on practising the language through debates and role play.
Leisure: Weekend Activities (optional)

Students have the option of signing up for a complete programme of weekend leisure activities: outdoor activities, Barça match, escape room, zip lines, tours of emblematic sites around Barcelona, ​​a getaway to Sitges... A unique opportunity to have fun and enjoy the city with your classmates.

This option is especially recommended if you do not live in Barcelona but are staying in the city or in our residence hall during the programme.


The Summer School for highschool students is designed to be a complete experience that teaches you about law and helps you develop as a person. With this goal in mind, we’ve organised various complementary activities:

Visit to an international law firm
To complement the knowledge acquired in class, you’ll be taken on a guided tour of an international law firm.
Dynamic classes
Lectures on theory will be complemented by more dynamic activities such as debates on current affairs and discussions of real-life case studies. Films will also be shown to highlight various aspects of law. Finally, mock trials will be held to illustrate legal conflicts, with each student playing a different role.
Summer School for highschool students
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