A programme that adapts to your interests

Degree subject material + skills + optional courses 

The curriculum includes compulsory ability courses and initiations to our degree courses, and three packages of optional subjects that enable you to adapt the programme. Consult the content of the various optional subjects and choose those that best suit your interests.


Week of 2 to 6 July

Week of 9 to 13 July

Week of 16 to 20 July

Learn more about the subjects you’ll be taking:

Degree course subjects

Global Governance & Geopolitics
This subject introduces the key concepts of world politics and geopolitics – and connects them to today’s news and events.
Criminal Law
You will be introduced to criminal law from an analysis of the most common crimes in Spain and abroad. This is an active class: you will interpret the trial roles of lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.
Law Firm Workshop & Visit to International Firm (Clifford Chance)
A workshop enables you to experience how a law office works and you visit a prestigious international law firm.
Law Case Simulation
Students are divided into judges, prosecutors, and defence – and you exercise your role as in a real trial.
Legal English
Learn to draft legal documents and correspondence, and practice making presentations and negotiating persuasively.
Learn the basics of marketing. What is marketing? How does it contribute to the success of brands and organisations? 
Discover the main macroeconomic indicators and how they measure the key imbalances that world economies usually face (such as GDP, inflation, GDP debt, and exchange rates). 

Skill subjects

Public Speaking
Being able to speak in public in English is a very valuable skill. We will teach you how to speak clearly and persuasively.
Negotiation skills are crucial to anyone engaged in law or management.

Optional subjects (Degree subjects and skills)

UNIT 1 · Choose 1: Model United Nations o Legal Deliberative Skills
Model United Nations
Role-play the United Nations: students represent various nations and debate major international issues following the example of UN sessions.
Legal Deliberative Skills
Learn to argue effectively in legal debates and enhance your speaking skills.

UNIT 2 · Choose 1: Intercultural Communication Skills or Leadership & Social Skills
Intercultural Communication Skills
In a globalised world, intercultural communication skills are essential. We reflect on our identity and how we communicate (with family, friends, and acquaintances).
Leadership & Social Skills
Leadership skills are highly valued in all professional fields. This subject shows you how to lead teams.

UNIT 3 · Choose 2: Food&Pharma Law · Derecho 4.0 · Fashion Law
Food&Pharma Law
You will start on the regulations that control the production of food and pharmaceuticals, food fraud, and counterfeit medicines.
Fashion Law
Designers and brands need legal experts to protect their creations in a sector where copyright is a sensitive issue. How can this be achieved? What other legal services does the fashion world need? Find out in this subject.
Law 4.0
Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, social networks, biogenetics, and so on. The technological revolution presents new legal challenges. This subject give you the keys to providing expert advice for facing these new realities.

English course: Debating in English (optional)

If you wish, you can supplement the programme subjects with English classes focused on practising the language through debates and role play. For both types of exercise, the instructor will propose various topics to discuss or situations to resolve and the students will choose the one that they find most interesting. Examples include: “Should the legal drinking age be increased to 21 years?” “Six prisoners are going to be pardoned. How should they be chosen?”

By participating in these debates and role-plays, you’ll improve your fluency, strengthen your formal use of English and reduce the frequency of common mistakes involving grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation, thanks to corrections made by the instructor during class.


When: Monday to Thursday, 4.30-8.00 pm

Student profile: Intermediate (or B2.2) level of English

Fee: €300 (early-bird rate for those who pay before 15th April: €250)

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