PhD Program in Management Sciences

ESADE offers three research-oriented programs for professionals with management and law training and a strong foundation in theoretical management methodologies for basic and applied research. Research Programs at ESADE offer promising careers. Our PhD alumni work in top universities and research institutions around the word.

Facts & Figures

PhD Placement 2016 - 2017

Luis Araya Castillo

Associate Professor and Director
of Escuela de Administración
y Negocios Universidad Miguel
de Cervantes
Santiago, Chile

Mehdi Bagherzadeh Niri

Assistant Professor of Innovation,
Management Strategy and
Entrepreneurship Department
NEOMA Business School
Paris, France

Javier Capapé Aguilar

Researcher at Sovereign
Wealth Lab,
Instituto de Empresa
Madrid, Spain

Esther Hennchen

Post Doc Researcher,
University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

Tanusree Jain

Assistant Professor
at Trinity College,
The University of Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

Melisa Jo Lee

Assistant Professor
Louisiana State University
in Baton Rouge
Louisiana, USA

Stefan Markovic

Assistant Professor,
Department of Marketing,
Copenhagen Business School
Copenhagen, Denmark

Leticia P. Mosteo Chagoyen

Lecturer at International
Business School Intebus,
Hochschule Fresenius
University of Applied Sciences
Idstein, Germany