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European projects

The Digital Social Innovation project aims to build a living map of organisations that use digital technologies for the social good. DSI is a type of collaborative innovation in which innovators, users and communities collaborate using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs and at a scale that was unimaginable before the rise of the Internet.
Apps for Europe is a support network that provides tools to transform ideas for data based apps into viable businesses.We bring a powerful European network of individuals and organisations who have been involved in open data programmes and supporting promising ideas to help ideas to scale.
The goal of the COLLAGE project is to design, develop and validate an innovative Social Creativity Service-Set which will support the synergistic interlinking of learning processes, resources and systems with social computing services for inspiring learners, social affinity spaces for leveraging expression and exploration, and social game mechanics for supporting social evaluation and appreciation of creative behaviour.
ECIM is a flexible cloud-based solution aiming at making easier for the public and private sectors to develop and offer innovative web services in a cost-effective manner, in order to improve urban mobility and transportation in cities.

Concluded projects

The GALA motivation stems from the acknowledgment of the potentiality of Serious Games (SGs) for education and training and the need to address the challenges of the main stakeholders of the SGs European landscape (users, researchers, developers/industry, educators).
GALA aims to shape the scientific community and build a European Virtual Research Centre aimed at gathering, integrating, harmonizing and coordinating research on SGs and disseminating knowledge, best practices and tools as a reference point at an international level. The other key focuses of the project are: the support to deployment in the actual educational and training settings; the fostering of innovation and knowledge transfer through research-business dialogue; the development high-quality didactics on SG by promoting and supporting courses at Master and PhD level.
CitySDK is a “service development kit” for cities and developers that aims at harmonizing application programming interfaces (APIs) across cities. CitySDK APIs enable new services and applications to be rapidly developed, scaled and reused through providing a range of tools and information for both cities and developers.
Commons for Europe is an european project working on two main areas:
1) Code Commons. Developing collaborative web projects following the methodology of Code for America based on principles rather than on sectors and by opening existing code in the participating cities and leveraging the European EPSI platform, following a certain model.
2) Bottom-up-Broadband Commons. Exploring with users in real-life environments, three new technologies: Super Wifi, Sensor integration into wifi networks and fiber deployment as commons (both new techniques such as aerial as well as fiber bandwidth management) The experience of the project will be capitalized giving birth to two pan European organizations: Code for Europe and BuB for Europe that will carry further on its endeavour.
Open Cities is a project co-founded by the European Union that aims to validate how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation methodologies to the Public Sector in a scenario of Future Internet Services for Smart Cities. It will do so, by leveraging existing tools, trials and platforms in Crowdsourcing, Open Data, Fiber to the Home and Open Sensor Networks in seven major European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Bologna.