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Public Sector Observatory ESADE-PwC

The PwC Foundation and the ESADE Foundation have created the Public Sector Observatory ESADE-PwC, an initiative that with its own entity within ESADEGov, has as main goal to promote change and transformation of administrations.
Its mission is to train, research and give social relevance to the great challenges of organizations and people working in and with the public sector. Improving institutional quality and governance are driving economic and social development. In this line, the Observatory pursues the generation of applied knowledge through different programs, outreach events and academic publications.
The Observatory has the following strategic objectives:
  • Contribute to a comprehensive training of socially responsible professionals, working in, for or with the public sector.
  • Participate in the debate around the public sector to contribute to the construction of a more just, free and prosperous society.
  • Generate relevant knowledge that contributes to strengthen our public organizations and improve their functioning.
The ultimate goal is to provide shared and inclusive solutions, taking into account institutions, companies and key players in our society and contributing to the development of the country as a whole. Therefore, from the Observatory we consider that it is necessary to reflect on the role of the public sector and on how it can improve its operation, its management and its results.
The activity of the Observatory is articulated through three lines of work: Training, social debate and research; All from an open and informative perspective that is useful to the public sector, companies and society in general.
Social Debate

The Observatory encourages open and plural dialogue with key social actors on relevant issues that contribute to the improvement of public governance and the quality of institutions.
In this area, key issues for the public sector and their role as drivers of change are addressed.

Applied Research 

The Observatory foresees that, for each of the thematic areas, cases of good practices are identified, compiled, analyzed and disseminated. These cases are published in narrative or monograph format in order to generate practical knowledge that can be used in the sessions of the different training programs



The purpose of the events is to open the Observatory to civil society, so as to create a space for conversation.
  • Ciclo de Encuentros: La Transformación de la empresa pública. Digitalización de la función jurídica y robotización de procesos. ESADE Madrid. 20  September 2018
  • Ciclo de Encuentros: La Transformación de la empresa pública. Cómo abordar la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible desde la empresa pública. ESADE Madrid.14 June 2018

Isabel Linares
Isabel Linares is Senior Counselor in PwC Spain. 
Juan Luis Manfredi
Academic Director
Juan-Luis Manfredi-Sánchez is Professor of Journalism at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and academic director of the ESADE-PwC Observatory for Public Sector.
Twitter: @juanmanfredi
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