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Full time programme: 12 months

Start Date: 22 September 2014

Intake 2014: 3 sections. Maximum of 75 students per section


Language: English and electives in Spanish

Language learning: Spanish. Students with a high level can continue with Spanish or take German or French (optional).

Spanish classes for absolute beginners will be held throughout the programme for 3 days a week, a total of 4.5 fours per week in Terms 1 and 2 and 7.5 hours per week in Term 3, until the required level is reached.


Location: Campus Barcelona Sant Cugat

Study tours: An optional week in...

Professional Internship (optional): 3 - 6 months worldwide


Admission Requirements: Graduates in Business Management or a similar discipline. Graduates with a different academic background are required to take the Management Immersion Programme

Admission Process: Online application form + sending of documentation + GMAT or GRE + interview


MSc in International Management (MIM): € 24,750
MIM + Management Immersion Programme (MIP): € 29,750
MIM + CEMS: € 32,750
MIP + MIM + CEMS: € 37.750

Scholarships: ESADE has a wide range of scholarships available.