BIG DATA is shifting the fundamental paradigms of the business world, creating an entirely new kind of business. With the birth of new technologies and big data developments comes the need for increasingly multifaceted professionals, experts in IT, mathematics, statistics and business. ESADE’s MSc in Business Analytics aims to train this new professional, bridging the gap between the world of computing and that of business leaders and directors.
Combine technical knowledge with a business vision.      




Full-time programme: Oone academic year - 40US/60 ECTS

Start date: 20th September, 2017. The Pre-Programme will start in August 2017.

Intake 2017: One section with a maximum of 35 students.


Language: English, with the possibility of studing a number of electives courses in Spanish.

Language learning: Students with little or no prior knowledge of Spanish can take language lessons thoughout the MSc. For those with a conversational level, there will be optional language classes available in Spanish, German and French.


Location: Barcelona Sant Cugat Campus

Study tours: January

Professional internship (optional): 3 - 6 months worldwide


Admission requirements: Bachelor in Business Administration or degrees related to management (Finance, Economics, Global Commerce, etc.) and scientific or technological backgrounds (medicine, mathematics, physics, biology, pharmacy, chemistry or engineering).

If you have any questions regarding your academic background, please contact the international admissions team ( and request a profile evaluation by sending your CV and university transcripts, if available.

To apply for the Master in Finance programme, students must demonstrate a solid quantitative background via their undergraduate degree, additional coursework, and/or a high GMAT quantitative score. The Admissions Committee will review each candidate’s eligibility individually.

Before beginning the MSc in Management programme, students must have earned an undergraduate degree entitling them to undertake postgraduate studies in the degree-granting country. Find out more about this requirement here.


Fees (2017-2018):
MSc in Business Analytics (MIBA): € 26,500
MIBA + CEMS: 36,500
MIBA + Internal Double Degree: 38,500
MIBA + External Double Degree: 36,500

Scholarships: ESADE has a wide range of scholarships available.