International Experience

Forging international connections has always been one of ESADE's greatest strengths. Its programmes benefit from the school's global reputation and network of contacts and the MSc in International Management is no exception.
Your MSc journey will begin in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan business capital and gateway to Europe for a host of multinationals and Spanish companies.
ESADE's nearby Sant Cugat campus is itself a multicultural hub, and you'll study alongside classmates from over 100 nationalities. This year, MSc programmes include participants from 58 nationalities.

Not only does the world come to ESADE, ESADE also sends you to the world. Study tours are intensive weeks abroad to familiarise you with different cultural contexts. They consist of seminars at prestigious universities and visits to local companies. 2017 international study tours include:


 Destination  Topic

 Cape Town, University Of Cape Town  Doing Business in Africa

 Hong Kong, Hong Kong City University  Doing Business in Asia

 La Habana, Universidad de la Habana  Conociendo Cuba desde la perspectiva empresarial

 London, London School of Economics  Global Topics in Finance

 Santiago de Chile, Adolfo Ibañez University  Doing Business in Latin America

 Sao Paulo, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas  Doing Business in Brazil

 Seoul, Yonsei University  Doing Business in South Korea

 Shanghai, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance  Finance in Asia

 Washington DC, Georgetown University  Public Affairs & International Political Economy

 Silicon Valley, Stanford/Berkeley  Big Data in the Silicon Valley

 Silicon Valley, Stanford  The Silicon Valley Experience

As part of your Master's Project, you'll have the chance to undertake an internship in a company overseas, where you'll put the theory you've learnt into practice.
You will get to learn Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Students who already have a high level can continue with Spanish or choose to take German or French. Spanish classes for absolute beginners will be held throughout the programme for 2 days a week (a total of 5 fours per week in Terms 1 and 2, and 6 hours per week in Term 3) until the required level is reached. Those students with a high level of Spanish may choose the elective course.
ESADE is the only Spanish business school that offers the chance to earn an additional degree in addition to an MSc: The Master in International Management accredited by CEMS, a prestigious alliance of academic and corporate institutions.

Students in the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) programme can spend a semester at one of the other associated universities.  

ESADE International Experience: Giovanni Massari