ESADE MSc programmes aren't one-size-fits-all. You can tailor them to perfectly suit your professional goals and personal interests by choosing from the many configurable elements available.

Select your overall MSc (International Management, Finance, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation), your elective courses, your area of specialization (in Marketing Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship programmes), your seminars, your study tours, your preferred type of final project, your language courses, and more.

You can also opt to complete the CEMS programme or a Double Degree.

During the first phase of the MSc programmes, you'll focus on the fundamentals of your area of specialisation. The remainder of the programme is very flexible, and you can choose from a wide variety of electives.


Core courses


Throughout this module, you will gain a solid knowledge base in the management area you have chosen, always from a practical approach. It consists of four core subjects and one cross-curricular subject, common to all specializations and linked to corporate social responsibility.

Personal and Professional Development


International Study Tours (optional)
Intensive weeks abroad to familiarise you with different cultural contexts, they consist of seminars at prestigious universities and visits to local companies.

Management skills seminars
Seminars to develop key management skills, such leadership, teamwork, negotiation and more.

Career planning activities
You will receive guidance and orientation from the Career Service and take part in activities designed to put you in contact with the business world.



During this module, you will study five practical and internationally-focused subjects, which are taught using an interactive methodology based mainly on your own personal initiative and work. If your level is high enough, you can study some of these subjects in Spanish.

Master's Project


The Master Project is a module based on your own personal initiative and work, with you choosing a specific topic or area to study in depth. You can choose between:

- Master's thesis, aimed at demonstrating your research abilities

- A Business Creation Project, aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial spirit

- An In-Company Business Project, based on a professional internship.