Coding for a new digital paradigm

All the components involved in the creation, distribution and sale of a digital product are, in some way, influenced by the same digital ingredient: code.

To help you navigate through this new digital paradigm, ESADE has partnered with Ironhack, one of the world’s top-ranked coding and design schools, to help motivated students change careers or turbo charge their professional trajectory through intensive courses ranging from 3 to 6 months. Founded by Wharton and Harvard graduates in late 2013, Ironhack has already graduated more than 700 students with a placement rate above 90% after 3 months of graduation, in companies like Google, Visa, Magic Leap or Product Hunt.
At some point you could be tested to manage a technology company. The last thing you want is to have a high-end business management degree but be completely tech illiterate. Ironhack can teach you beyond the fundamentals of coding to make sure that you are never the outsider in a technical conversation. Supplement your business programme with a 3-month intensive Ironhack coding bootcamp to make sure that your knowledge base is head-and-shoulders above your competition.
Code & design your own apps.
Why do you want to depend on someone else? Why give up 30%-70% of your company to a coder? Ironhack’s coding bootcamp will teach you the technical JavaScript skills that will allow you to build your own ideas.
Hire & recruit better talent.
Recruiting is the fine art that deals with people. Ironhack’s coding bootcamp will give you the knowledge to know when you are interviewing a pro or an amateur who talks a good game.
Technological product proficiency.
The tech industry changes faster than any other industry. Ironhack’s coding bootcamp will give you the core technical skills that make up today’s tech products. You will learn the ins and outs of web and mobile apps so that you are part of the cutting edge rather than on the cutting room floor.
Project manage like a tech pro.
“Execution, execution, execution” is the mentality we will cultivate in you. Ideas are nice, but proper project management transforms ideas to actual products. This Ironhack coding bootcamp will make you an execution master.

Full time programmes: intensive 9 weeks, starting on June and August

Part time programmes: 6 months starting on April

  Location: Barcelona Ironhack campus.

  Language: English for the full time programmes, spanish for the part time programmes.



Web Dev Full time | Real Price: 6,500€ · ESADE Price: 5,000€
(June and August)

Web Dev Part time | Real Price: 7,500€ · ESADE Price: 6,000€

UX/UI Full time | Real Price: 6,500€ · ESADE Price: 5,000€

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