International Experience

Forging international connections has always been one of ESADE's greatest strengths. Its programmes benefit from the school's global reputation and network of contacts, and the Master in Business Analytics is no exception.
Your MSc journey will begin in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan business capital and gateway to Europe for a host of multinationals and Spanish companies.
ESADE's nearby Sant Cugat campus is itself a multicultural hub, and you'll study alongside classmates from over 100 nationalities. This year, MSc programmes include participants from 58 nationalities.

It is difficult to understand a field without observing the main protagonists. A trip to Silicon Valley will reveal the key companies in the field, and give you the opportunity to meet the people behind the tools and platforms.

On this trip:

  • - We will have top professors from Haas and Cambridge speaking about FinTech and Data Analytics at Berkeley University of California.

  • - We will visit companies such as: Facebook, Wells Fargo, Intuit, etc.
As part of your Master's Project, you'll have the chance to undertake an internship in a company overseas, where you'll put the theory you've learnt into practice.

You have the possibility to learn Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Students who already have a good level can either continue with Advanced Spanish or choose to take German or French. Language classes will be held throughout the programme 2 days a week (a total of 5,5 hours per week), and you can decide each term if you wish to continue. There is also a choice of electives courses taught in Spanish.


ESADE is a Cervantes Institute-accredited institution:

The only International accreditation for centers teaching Spanish as a foreign language to provide:

• International recognition
• Promotion of academic programs across an international network
• Feedback on center activity
• Commitment to quality and continuous improvement

This accreditation guarantees, among others, the following key aspects:

• Qualified teachers
• A curriculum that ensures adequate progress in learning Spanish
• A methodology adapted to student needs
• Regularly evaluation of courses and programs
• An effective process of student guidance and evaluation
• The promotion of student participation in the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera / Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) examination within the center (ESADE is an examination center)
• An efficient student feedback process

ESADE is the only Spanish business school that offers the chance to earn an extra degree in addition to the MSc: The Master in International Management, accredited by CEMS, a prestigious alliance of academic and corporate institutions.
Students in the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) programme can spend a semester at one of the other associated universities.