Career options

According to Harvard Business Review:

“Data Scientists hold the sexiest job of the 21st century”

“McKinsey predicts that companies will struggle to find Big Data talent
due to a shortage in well-trained people”
Companies are looking for dynamic and specialized professionals

that have different backgrounds (business, engineering, technology, economics, mathematics or applied sciences) who are able to identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data to drive value and innovation.

That is why you can apply your analytical knowledge to a wide range of fields, including science, medicine and pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance and marketing research.

Or perhaps you are more interested in branching out into operations and distribution analysis such as that used in supermarkets, start-ups (either creating or working in an existing one), consultancy or even digital companies like Google and Amazon with their own unique style of consumer analysis without a customer present. The career options after the MSc in Business Analytics are endless.

Hear the experts talk about the importance of Data Analytics in Business:

Manuel Bruscas, Director of Analytics and Insights of eDreams ODIGEO Beltrán García-Durán, Data Analytics manager at PwC
Some opportunities in Big Data:
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